American Idol Season 13 episode 6

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Since yank Idol launched its thirteenth season on Jan fifteen, it’s been one new town when another. So far, we’ve taken within the sights of beautiful state capital and Austin, to call one or two, with still a couple of stops left on the road to Hollywood. Speaking of Hollywood, once is that again?

Fox keeps any specifics regarding the Season thirteen schedule near the chest (don’t raise America why) however we’ve done what we will to piece along a viewing schedule for this edition of Idol. take care to ascertain back here; we have a tendency to’ll be adding new data as Fox gets it geared we learn a lot of.

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Auditions square measure regular to finish weekday, January 30, with a one-hour show. Originally this night was beaked because the “Road to Hollywood” recap however Fox should have found some must-see audition footage on the room floor to warrant a sixth night on the road.

American Idol Season 13 episode 6

American Idol Season 13 episode 6

Hollywood Week

Reportedly starting with the two-hour Wed, February 5, show, Hollywood Week pits the contestants with the Golden Tickets against each other in CA. If Hollywood Week lives up to its name and solely lasts one week, expect it to be Feb five and half dozen.

Vegas Semi-Finals

The lucky ones World Health Organization create it through Hollywood get flown to Vegas for a final ring to leap through pre-Live Shows. This year, however, we have a tendency to hear there’s a serious twist before the highest thirty square measure formally determined. our greatest guess is that upset can occur someday between Wed, February 12, and weekday, Feb twenty, since the Season twelve semis lasted four shows.

Live Shows

Once the highest thirty square measure accounted for, we must always head right into Live Shows and a pattern acquainted to any old fan of Idol. Performances can occur for 2 hours on Wednesdays followed by eliminations throughout the one-hour weekday episode. the simplest part: we have a tendency to get to vote!

American Idol Season 13 episode 6

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