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Castle season 6 Episode 14 : “Dressed to Kill”

Castle season 6 Episode 14 Synopsis

The episode fourteen of “Castle” Season vi, “Dressed to Kill,” opens with a young man and a adult female looking out a Dumpster to seek out material for a mid-term dressmaking project. in conjunction with a material, they additionally discover a body within the Dumpster. The dead victim’s name is Ella Hayes, a private assistant of Matilda King, the dictatorial chief fashion editor of recent Fashion Magazine. The wrongdoer seems like he has inhibited Ella to death, employing a scarf.

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Martha helps author with wedding robes, showing her the marriage magazines. author is unsure if the marriage robes featured within the magazines square measure what she prefers. However, one in every of the magazines helps Castle and author agree on a marriage venue, the Cordova House. Before they will discuss additional, author receives a decision. it’s time for murder investigation. Lanie informs author that blue hair strands are found on the victim’s neck. Esposito provides data concerning the victim.


Castle season 6 Episode 14

Castle season 6 Episode 14

Castle and author visit the fashionable Fashion Magazine. Matilda recognises author in a moment. To his surprise, Castle involves apprehend that his fiancĂ©e features a fifteen min of modelling history. Matilda informs a uninformed Castle that author had passed the supply to model for the magazine’s unfold page in 1999 — Nicole Kidman was on the quilt.

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Unaware concerning Ella’s death, Matilda informs author and chateau that she had laid-off Ella, as she was messing-up along with her schedules. Learning concerning Ella’s death, solon composer, one in every of the boys from the editorial team, points a finger at Grace, one in every of different assistants of Matilda. Matilda informs the work pair that she had laid-off Grace, as well, as a result of she had allowed Ella to commit the mistakes. solon tells author and chateau that Grace and Ella had a nasty cat-fight at a photograph shoot, when they each were laid-off.

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Castle season 6 Episode 14

The artist of that photo-shoot had captured that fight. The photos reveal a blue scarf on Grace. She tells author that everybody at the magazine has the headband, because it is Christmas present. Grace tells author that she witnessed Associate in Nursing quarrel that occurred higher Ella Associate in Nursingd an unknown man, outside the workplace, many days agone. supported her data, a sketch is ready of the person.

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